Nature Camp

Picture of Put-in-Bay Nature Camp

Nature Camp Winds Up The Nature Camp mission is to encourage children’s natural curiosity of the outdoors by engaging them in fun and educational activities. Nature Camp seems like a bubble, an intentionally built community, and there are usually many in the community who love and care about the magic that is the nature camp […]


Put-in-Bay Tree Carving

Picture of the Put-in-Bay Tree Carving

Put-in-Bay Tree Carving Memorializes Founder A Put-in-Bay Tree Carving began its life an estimated 37 years before she would be seen by the founder of Put-in-Bay Jose DeRivera. In 1854 DeRivera arrived at the Lake Erie Islands and purchased South Bass Island ( Known as Put-in-Bay) Middle Bass Island, Gibralter, Ballast & Stave Islands for […]


Renting A House At Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Rental Homes - Photo of the Put-in-Bay Villas.

The 4  Things You Need To Know About Renting A House At Put-in-Bay LOCATION! When deciding on Renting A House At Put-in-Bay one of the most important factors is of course location! There are many different areas of the island that permit owners to rent their homes but very few are in the downtown area. This means […]