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How Do We Get To Put-in-Bay

Two ferryboats service the island from the mainland. The high-speed passenger ferry is called the Jet Express, and it services the island from Sandusky and Port Clinton docks for passengers and docks right in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. The Jet Express also offers late-night service allowing for a longer day on the island.

The Miller Ferry is our freight boat and the only way to bring a vehicle (not recommended). It leaves out of Catawba Island near Port Clinton and is the shortest ride by distance. The Miller Ferry arrives on the back side of the island, so a taxi or bus is required to get into town.


Can you bring your own alcohol to your Put-in-Bay Hotel Room?

Yes, all of the Put-in-Bay hotels and resorts featured on allow you to bring your drinks to enjoy in the privacy of your hotel room or rental home. It is not permitted bring your alcoholic beverages into a liquor establishment or poolside bars as they are considered parts of the liquor permit premises.

There is no need to bring weighty loads of wine or beer from the mainland. Visitors can buy this from carry-outs located on the Island, with prices similar to those on the mainland.

Remember that there is no full-proof liquor store at Put-in-Bay. The nearest state store is on the mainland near the Miller Ferry and is called Bassetts Grocery or Kroger near the Jet Express Ferry.

Should We make A Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Reservation?

Yes! There are approximately 2600 Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals on the island, and on many days visitors exceed 15000 people! Don’t be stuck walking! We recommend Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals online reservations, where you can make reservations!

I Want To Make A Reservation For A Large Party Can You Help?

Yes, we can! Our team members can make reservations and recommendations for Put-in-Bay Hotels & Home Rentals, many of which are suitable for groups and large parties! Just use the Contact Us form found on this page or call 833-742-2827

Do You Have To Have A Drivers License To Rent A Golf Cart?

Yes! Golf Carts are licensed motor vehicles at Put-in-Bay. All traffic laws apply, including open container laws and drinking and driving. Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental rents to permitted drivers over the age of 18.

For those less than 18 but having a valid driver’s license, a parent or guardian may lease a golf cart for your benefit. A Simple reminder if the rule applies to a car, it also applies to a golf cart rental.

Do I Need Reservations For The Put-in-Bay Ferry

No! The Put-in-Bay ferry boats operate on a first-come, first-served basis. In peak periods, they arrive and depart as fast as one ferryboat every 15 minutes during the peak season and one ferryboat every hour in the off-season. Both ferry services have multiple boats. Come early for your trip to Put-in-Bay to secure the best availability and shortest delays! Review the Put-in-Bay Ferry Page for schedules, ticket prices & additional information.

Should I Bring A Vehicle To Put-in-Bay?

We advise that you refrain from bringing a car to Put-in-Bay. Aside from the expense of transporting your automobile across the water on a ferry boat, parking on the Island is minimal. Waiting to get a car on or off the Island can be four hours on a busy day.

Most hotels, resorts, and popular home rentals are located in downtown Put-in-Bay and are only a short stroll from the Jet Express or a pleasant golf cart ride. Golf Carts, Mopeds & Bicycles may be reserved here to reach more popular attractions on the Island.

How Far Is Put-in-Bay From Cedar Point

Both ferryboats to Put-in-Bay can be reached from Cedar Point in approximately 20 minutes. The Catawba Island dock for the Miller Ferry is around 20 minutes by automobile.

The Jet Express’s downtown dock in Port Clinton is roughly 30 minutes. A limited sailing timetable is available on the Jet Express from Sandusky, just 10 minutes away from Cedar Point.

How Do People Get On Or Off Put-in-Bay In The Winter?

When the Put-in-Bay ferryboats stop operating, several charter airlines fly in and out of Put-in-Bay. Island Air Taxi and Griffing Flying Service are two of the most popular ways to get to Put-in-Bay in the off-season.

They are also a quick way to get to Put-in-Bay for those not wanting to take a ferry boat.

Do Put-in-Bay Hotels & Home Rentals Have A Minimum Stay?

Almost every Put in Bay hotel on weekends requires a two- or three-night minimum. On holiday weekends, there is generally a three-night minimum. There are no minimum stay requirements for Sunday thru Thursday nights where Sunday is not on a holiday weekend. Some properties allow a one-night stay on weekends in April and October.

You may contact us on the form above, and we can provide you with hotels, resorts & rental homes that will allow one-night stays on these dates as well as assist you in obtaining the best rates!

Where Do Kids At Put-in-Bay Go To School

Put-in-Bay has a K-12 school that is found in the downtown area. The school hosts students from all the Bass Islands and occasionally one from the mainland. The children from Middle Bass come on a school boat when available or the school plane when the lake is frozen over. Class sizes range from 1 to as many as eight students.

How Far In Advance Should I Make Hotel Reservations?

It is recommended that travelers make their resort hotel and home rental reservations very early each year. This is particularly true if their stay involves a weekend or a popular occasion.

Not many hotel rooms are located on the island, and reserving earlier will help assure that guests get the dates they want. You may book online by visiting the Put-in-Bay hotels and lodging page and selecting your Put-in-Bay hotel or home rental.

How Many People Live On The Island In The Winter?

There are approximately 200 full-time, year-round residents on the Island. The Put-in-Bay school is a K-12 school that accommodates pupils from the other Bass islands and Put-in-Bay. It is tranquil at Put-in-Bay during the winter for these rugged island residents. Even the ferryboats stop running, and everything is brought by airplane, including the mail.

Is There A Grocery Store And Place To Buy Beer At Put-in-Bay?

There are two grocery options at Put-in-Bay. A full-service called the Island General Store is located on Catawba Avenue, with the Beverage Center beer and wine next door. A second option for groceries is located at the Put-in-Bay Hardware store on Lngram road next to the post office. Between these two, you should be able to find what you need!

I Want To Make A Reservation For A Large Party Can You Help?

Yes, we can! Our team members can make reservations and recommendations for Put-in-Bay Hotels & Home Rentals, many of which are suitable for groups and large parties! Just use the Contact Us form found on this page or call 833-742-2827