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Golf Cart Rentals

A Put-in-Bay Mainstay!


One of the reasons golf carts are so popular is that parking is a rare commodity on the island, particularly on weekends, and golf cart rentals take up far less space.

Everybody loves driving Golf Cart Rentals on Put-in-Bay! It’s become indispensable to see all the things to do at Put-in-Bay. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Erie as you make your way about the island.


The Three Best Put-in-Bay Golf

Cart Rentals

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart


Located just one block from the ferry, offering hourly, daily, overnight, and weekly golf carts.

Online reservations are recommended and may be made online. Carts are late model EZ-GO, Cushman & Club Car Models. A driver’s License or major credit card is required.

Put-in-Bay Rentals

Put-in-Bay Rentals offers late model 2-4-6 & 8-passenger golf cart rentals. They rent by the day, hour, or overnight.

Put-in-Bay Rentals also offers Moped Rentals as well as Bicycle Rentals. Located on the main strip near the Put-in-Bay Ferry. Reservations are accepted online.

Delaware Golf Cart Rental

Established circa 1965 Delaware Golf Cart Rental is the island’s oldest continually operating golf cart rental.  

They were the first to rent overnight golf carts and operate the island’s largest and newest fleet of golf carts. Reservations are recommended and may be made by clicking the link below.

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rules & Information

Golf Cart Rentals Are Part Of The Put-in-Bay Experience!

Born out of something as complicated as the island’s lack of parking has developed over the years into one of the defining features of visiting Put-in-Bay. Put in Bay Golf Cart Rentals are a unique island novelty not generally seen on a mainland vacation!

While you visit Put-in-Bay, imagine enjoying the street with the automobiles and a few local Put-in-Bay taxis while feeling the wind blowing through your hair! in your golf cart. Many visitors state it is one of their fondest memories of Put-in-Bay vacations! Adults and kids alike enjoy exploring the island and enjoying their Lake Erie Islands vacation experience.

No Other Transportation Option Is As Convenient As A Golf Cart!

Golf Cart Rentals In Put-in-Bay are more than just a novelty! There is so much more! They are, by a long shot, the most timely way to travel about the island. While Put-in-Bay is a small place geographically, it is too big to do the whole island on foot. Sure, you could transport your automobile, but it’s expensive to do so. At times, the wait can be up to three hours, and then you face the aggravating parking nuisance again.

Put-in-Bay Taxis? Our Put-in-Bay taxi service is spotty at best and is usually only used for trips to and from downtown by those stuck at rentals out in the middle of the island. (where you don’t want to be!). If you intend to explore and hit as much of the island as possible, you’ll just be wasting your time waiting on cabs to get you from location to location.

Golf Cart Rentals Make A Good Vacation A Great Vacation!

Whether you are a day tripper or visiting for several days, the answer is a golf cart rental. It’s simple to operate, a pleasure to use, and always available on your schedule. If you are staying at one of our great Put-in-Bay Hotels, Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental overnight is the ticket! The golf cart rentals are equipped with headlights, taillights, and turn signals, and just as a car can, they operate all day and night!

Our only hint is if you’re arriving on the island any weekend or April thru October or weekdays May thru the end of September, be sure to reserve your golf car in advance! Generally, during the busy season, Put-in-Bay Golf Car Rentals are sold out daily! You can see most attractions, including Perry Family Fun Center, just overflowing with happy carters.

Reservations For Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals

How do you reserve your Put-in-Bay golf cart? We have several recommendations for you! If you’re staying on the island and could not get the preferred lodging in town, you can check Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental Prices online before you even get here! It’s the recommended way to proceed, as golf cart rentals are often sold out, and only a select few golf car rental agencies are able to do overnight rentals.


The Three Best Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals Near Miller Ferry And Jet Express!

The three best options for carts are listed below. You can easily click on any of their websites and find an easy, convenient form to complete to secure your rental. These rental companies consistently offer the newest carts and the lowest rates. They also provide 24-hour service in the unlikely event you experience a problem with your rental.

Put-in-Bay Rentals At The Edgewater Hotel

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts

Put-in-Bay Cart Rentals

These golf cart rentals are available in 2-4-6 and 8-person configurations. They maintain the best rates and the newest carts. Moreover, they are a preferred Put-In-Bay Hotels Golf Cart provider and are recommended by the Put-in-Bay Visitors Bureau

If you are staying on the island, we suggest an overnight rental. You’ll appreciate having a cart at your disposal for enjoying the numerous attractions and dining options off the main strip. Once you secure your golf cart, head to the Put-in-Bay information website for helpful information about Put-in-Bay and download a Put-in-Bay Map. Their Put-in-Bay guide can be quite helpful when getting around the island and acts as a great souvenir to take home with you and recall all the fun places you visited!

Additional Put-in-Bay Ohio Transportation Options

If golf car rentals are not your style, perhaps a Put-in-Bay Moped Rental fits the bill! These mopeds are single-speed automatic transmissions with no clutch or shiting required! They are as easy as riding a bicycle without all the work!

Put-in-Bay Moped Rentals are single-rider Honda Ruckus scooters that are a fun way to explore the island. There is always an easy-to-find parking spot for moped rentals! You can reserve Moped Rentals online here!

Another popular option are bicycles! Inexpensive and practical, you can bike to any location on the island in less than 15 minutes. While reservations are not accepted for bicycles, they are readily available at Put-in-Bay Rentals located at the Edgewater Hotel.

All of our golf cart rentals are easily accessible from all downtown locations, making it easy to get you on the road as soon as you get off the Put-in-Bay ferry. From the Ferry Dock, it’s a short walk to Delaware Ave, next to Mr. Ed’s Bar, right on the main strip. 

Top 5 Things To Do On A Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental

You will want to be included when you see everyone driving in their golf carts. It’s the most popular type of transportation on the island, allowing one to see all the Put-in-Bay attractions!

Perrys International Peace Memorial

One of the most prominent attractions at Put-in-Bay is the 352 ft tall Doric column known as Perrys International Peace Memorial. Located mid-island and visible for miles, visitors can take an elevator to the observation deck with spectacular views of the western Lake Erie Basin. Ample golf cart parking is provided at the base of this Put-in-Bay Attraction.

South Bass Island State Park

Operated by the State of Ohio, this scenic state park offers a pebble beach for swimming, Jet Ski Rentals, Camping, a playground for kids, and a beautiful place for a family picnic. Just a 5-minute ride on your golf cart rental

Put-in-Bay Airport

Our local airport is the island’s lifeline in the winter months when the ferry boats cease running. The runway is visible from Langram road, with plenty of space to park your golf cart and watch these exciting aircraft take off and land. Visitors can enjoy rides in a vintage Waco airplane and modern helicopters during the tourist season. Rides are offered weather permitting, daily in season.

Lake Erie Island Historical Society & Museum

Located in downtown Put-in-Bay, this popular attraction features exhibits documenting Put-in-Bay’s early years and South Bass Island. A resale shop allows visitors to purchase goods and take home a little island treasure. Ample golf cart parking is located just behind the adjacent town hall.

Perrys Cave & Family Fun Center

Just a five-minute golf cart ride from town lies an island attraction with something for everyone! Explore a cave, visit a butterfly house, do some Gemstone mining, play a round of mini golf, climb a rock wall, and so much more. One of the favorite stops for families with an antique car display for Dad! No fee for admittance and each attraction is priced individually!

Important information about Golf Cart Rentals & Laws

All golf cart rentals on the island operate as licensed motor vehicles and are street-legal. Therefore, all the same, traffic regulations that apply to cars also apply to golf carts. This includes drinking and driving.

While it might be tempting to let junior take the wheel, it is illegal and can result in a steep fine and a ruined vacation. You must be a licensed driver to operate rental carts and follow proper traffic laws. They include adequate safety equipment, including headlights, taillights, turn signals, roofs, and seatbelts. If you have further questions, check out the Golf Cart FAQ page or ask your rental company!


Put-in-Bay Attractions


Our Put-in-Bay Attractions are plentiful and appeal to visitors of all ages! From Parasailing to Lighthouses, no place packs so many things to do in one location as Put-in-Bay, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, just a short drive from Cedar Point! Great restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and of course, shopping!


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