Hotels On Put-in-Bay 6 Tips For Best Discounts & Experience

6 Best Tips on Choosing Hotels On Put-in-Bay

Where should I stay? What are the best hotels on Put-in-Bay? Well, that depends on your preference and who is part of your traveling group. Let’s check out the 6 Best Tips on Choosing Hotels on Put-in-Bay. Most people prefer Downtown, where you can easily walk to all the Put-in-Bay attractions and Nightlife.

You won’t want to bring a car to Put-in-Bay as there is virtually no parking, and driving after a few drinks is a no-go! You will depend on your feet or a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals to get around. Are kids traveling with you? It’s best to be in the downtown area near the park and waterfront, where there is much more for them to do! Not to mention it make sit easy on mom and dad as well!

Put-in-Bay’s preferred hotels are located within a three-block radius of the downtown area. Close enough to walk but far enough that you can get a good night’s sleep! We did not have kids journeying with us – they have now graduated to adulthood and opted to spend time with their friends – which is perfectly fine. In addition to our downtown location, we also prefer independent and owner-operated restaurants, not franchises. They are considerably more intimate and offer a very casual atmosphere. Just a few tips when selecting your home away from home:

Google Reviews About Hotels On Put-in-Bay

Review Google for user reviews. Now, remember that most people view these with a grain of salt. We look at how many reviews and then cut straight to the lower-rated reviews. Knowing why the places received a low rating is essential. Not what you may think. Most of the time, a guest failed to follow the policies, had too many people in the room, or were unruly guests, so management took action to avoid problems for other guests.

Occasionally it was due to a misinterpretation of what the individual expected. For instance, if a place says it is “adults only,” then that means “adults only”. It is sufficient to say that adults behave differently when away from home and when no kids are watching. But, if a place says kids welcome, keep in mind there will be adults (acting like adults) there as well. So, if you are traveling with little children (or impressionable teens), you may want to consider another option for hotels on Put-in-Bay.

Size Does Matter!

One of our favored places is the Edgewater Hotel Put-in-Bay First off, it is in a great location, and this may be weird, but it has a full-size bathroomPicture of Hotels On Put-in-Bay The Edgewater Hotel with double sink bowls in the vanity. This was important to us as we had several ladies traveling, and more of us could get ready with the extra space.

Be sure to ask before booking other hotels at Put-in-Bay, or else you may end up with a small shower stall. Also, each unit has a wet bar area and a microwave and refrigerator. It was convenient for lunchmeat, beer & wine, etc. The rooms were very clean, and it is one of the few Put-in-Bay hotels waterfront views.

Location Location! Location!! Why it’s Important!

Last year we had a much larger group and needed something larger than typical hotels on Put-in-Bay. We found a cool home called the All Star Ohio House, just 40 yards from the mains strip. We enjoyed the home impeccably clean, and we had over 20 friends from school gathering for a group. You really only spend a little bit of time in your room while on vacation, so large rooms weren’t something we usually look for. But the house was by far the biggest we had ever stayed in!

Photo of Renting A House At Put-in-BayAlso, the street noise was minimal, and we had no issues sleeping. Also, to be completely honest, you cannot beat the price. When considering other locations, ask if the rental home or the hotels on Put-in-Bay are in town. If not, you’ll spend a tidy sum on taxi fares. It’s like $4.00 per person each way, and with several trips, a day to freshen up, eat, go out for the evening, and back that really adds up. 

It should also be noted that the hotels near Put-in-Bay Ferry service are also near the downtown area. This makes the arrival into port an easy one!

Check For The Best Discounts & Deals!

Several of the hotels on Put-in-Bay offer discounted packages that include a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental. YOu can look for these packages in two locations. The Put-in-Bay Visitors Bureau has a webpage with several options, and you can also find a few specials and discounts here. Often times these Put-in-Bay Discounts are only available on weekdays as weekends are sold out by mid-April for the season. (Unless you get lucky and someone cancels!)

We have also stayed at the Put-in-Bay Resort with a package called the Jet Away Getaway, which included the golf car rental. Of the hotels at Put-in-Bay, the Edgewater and the Put-in-Bay Resort were the ones that had the most availability for this discount package. You might be tempted to look for Airbnb put-in-bay but be prepared to pay a higher rate with heavy cleaning fees!

 Did Someone Say Nightlife?

Another important thing to consider when booking hotels on Put-in-Bay is their proximity to the Put-in-Bay Nightlife! We really enjoy all of the entertainment options the downtown area has, and the best hotels in Put-in-Bay are right near there! Some bars have a DJ, but most have live music with some well-known bands. There is a country bar, and the world’s longest bar is right on the main strip. Some of the smaller venues have a more up-close music vibe with a two-piece group, while several had full bands that played well into the night.

While I like the vibe downtown, I especially like being just a short walk back to my Put-in-bay hotel to use my own restroom, freshen up, or enjoy a cheap cocktail and a little break from the crowds. Some hotels at Put-in-Bay are just too far away to enjoy that comfort.

Also, the late-night food scene is virtually non-existent if you are not staying right in town. If that’s important to you, it’s just another reason to stay at these hotels at Put-in-Bay. I have to say our favorite is Lesters Taco Shop! Super food and relatively inexpensive!

Pool & Swim Up Bar Options!

Usually, the smaller inns/B&B style properties won’ have a pool, but the larger properties like the Bay Lodging Resort and Put-in-Bay Resort will. Pools on the island are generally open to the public, so that’s not really a big issue! Virtually orient yourself before you arrive. Hotels in Put-in-Bay with pool are often where the younger crown spends the afternoon on weekends!

“Stroll ” the location before you go with Google maps. It will help you see the area and supply a point of reference on where you are and how distant some of the attractions you are going to see are. If you do get stuck out in the center of the island and there are no hotels at Put-in-Bay available, be sure you know how you get back and forth. While a Golf Cart Rental is the most convenient and reliable, some people opt to take a Put-in-Bay Taxi back and forth. Just remember, they can be hard to find when everyone is trying to get home!